Friday, November 19, 2010

40 Days: Let's Start with TD Centre

So only 40 days left. I was running around the city today to get a firm interested in joining a firm crawl for the second day of FORUM. Exhausted and pissed off at everything, i got out of the subway and started walking alone the King st, passing by people like a maniac who tried to catch a bus that was about to leave in front of me.

So here I was running and running... and something incredible happened.  I stopped. I stopped well because of the red light, but also because of the amazing Mies TD centre that was standing right in front of me.  " Right.  I am on King st.  I knew I knew you are located somewhere in downtown..."

I suddenly felt like a tourist.  It was as if I just arrived in this city, Toronto and was standing in front of this great building that I have always wanted to stant in front of and flew thousand miles for.  I felt like this was the first time I actually saw this amazing building in its real scale, and not out of magazines or photographs even though I was sure that I passed this in the past.

Toronto Dominion Centre is designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. This 56 story black stained steel building extrudes timeless elegance and power. I wanted to pay tribute to this building today and to remember how it made me feel in this city.

So many people to meet and so many things to get done. I hope I will continue to encounter this feeling of the first time in old relationship and to open new perspectives in this busy and ordinary life.