Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Day 54

My aunt's husband was an army lieutenant during Korean war. Imagine George Clooney in all world war 2 movie.. that was him, handsome, charismatic, and real boss.

He would told us crazy Korean war stories like once he met face to face with the North Korea army in the forest, 

If one millisecond of panic enters in anyone's mind, if one soldier listed a gun and started shooting, both troops would start shooting and you would have totally died on the spot.

he had to be extremely calm and clear and authority as fuck. He authoritatively yelled, " Drop your weapon, drop them."

It's crazy, right? every story our reaction was always like what???
While remembering this story I thought of what story I could tell to my grandchildren in the future.
"When our computer didn't work, we had to turn it off and turn it back on. that was difficult."

And I bet my future children with self-driving car and robot servant would have the exact same reaction as we were hearing about Korean war.  "what??? That's mad as fuck/'  

the lies we tell ourselves
the voices inside our head

both troops would have started firing at each other. every single one of them would have been decimated in a second. As a captain, he would have lost all his little soldiers.

the two armies facing each other if one person lift a gun and start shooting you could have been hit and killed,  bith troop would be decimated at the spot. you could have lot all the little soldiers you are leading, he had to be extremely calm and clear and authority as fuck. 


the lies we tell ourselves

my uncles in vietnam, me in the computer lab, and my grandson going what the fuck?

the voices inside our head

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Day 48 Open Mic at Fourth Wall

Today set at Fourth Wall includes

Murderer's a line that won't cross

Wanted poster for lovers

Red Cup
On my Period


I see your X, and raise you Y

I love this old way of talking
I see your coitus interruptus
And I raise you with my cumcan flow outous

spermatozoa byebye ous
celtic anal prolapse

acme comedy


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Vortex Graphic Novel promoting the Benefit of Meditation

Friday, November 19, 2010

40 Days: Let's Start with TD Centre

So only 40 days left. I was running around the city today to get a firm interested in joining a firm crawl for the second day of FORUM. Exhausted and pissed off at everything, i got out of the subway and started walking alone the King st, passing by people like a maniac who tried to catch a bus that was about to leave in front of me.

So here I was running and running... and something incredible happened.  I stopped. I stopped well because of the red light, but also because of the amazing Mies TD centre that was standing right in front of me.  " Right.  I am on King st.  I knew I knew you are located somewhere in downtown..."

I suddenly felt like a tourist.  It was as if I just arrived in this city, Toronto and was standing in front of this great building that I have always wanted to stant in front of and flew thousand miles for.  I felt like this was the first time I actually saw this amazing building in its real scale, and not out of magazines or photographs even though I was sure that I passed this in the past.

Toronto Dominion Centre is designed by Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe. This 56 story black stained steel building extrudes timeless elegance and power. I wanted to pay tribute to this building today and to remember how it made me feel in this city.

So many people to meet and so many things to get done. I hope I will continue to encounter this feeling of the first time in old relationship and to open new perspectives in this busy and ordinary life.